Flora Rosa

flora rosa

• Flora Rosa is tested by Alisson and her daughter, Mila •

«The supima used by Hubertine has a well-deserved reputation; it is the softest and most silky cotton I know. Here, it is combined with linen, and again there is the perfect balance between softness and strength.»

Alisson is an experienced babywear thanks to her two daughters that she has been carrying from their birth.


07/18/2017 • Flora Rosa • 69% combed cotton / 21% Supima / 10% Linen• Size 6 • review by Alisson •

I could talk for hours about Flora, the latest Hubertine pattern. My heart is charmed by this new design!
Hubertine has the art of distracting the simplest things in refinement; once again I’m amazed! The pattern is inspired by flora is aptly named.

flora rosaHaving visually discovered the poetry this wrap exudes, I discover its touch with a head full of dreams.
It is a textured wrap, heavier than the other Hubertines I’ve tried so far, a complex weave and it is so soft. The supima used by Hubertine has a well-deserved reputation; it is the softest and most silky cotton I know. Here, it is combined with linen, and again there is the perfect balance between softness and strength. This wrap is dense and will require a breaking in period to reveal all its qualities.

The strand by strand tightening will require a bit of strength and dexterity at the beginning to mould the body perfectly, but I am actually surprised by the ease of my hammocks placement despite the texture and the weight of Flora. It has a nice elasticity that clearly enables good tightening. Once put in place, Flora moulds the shoulders and the knot does not move. It has a great comfort whether tighten in single or double layer that is perfect for summer!

This wrap has an excellent potential that can be discovered with each use; it is heavy but thin in hand true to the brand’s reputation, but also much more fluffy and supportive! Thank you for this poetic and sophisticated design, thank you for this color that I absolutely love and thank you for making it easy to carry my big baby with comfort in this jewel!

Science describes nature, poetry paints it and embellishes it. “Buffon”


Mer(e) Fidji

07/04/2017 • Mer(e) Fidji • 100% combed cotton • Size 4 • review by Marion •

Mer(e) is back in a new color combination for the summer season!
When I received the tester, it was already washed and ironed. My first impression when looking at it is that the sandy weft is the dominant hue in this wrap. Then and once worn in the light, the colors reveal their intensity true to Hubertine’s quality. The blue is bright like a blue sky with a hint of turquoise. The sandy weft brings a warm touch that is perfect for sunny days. Depending on the light, Mer(e) Fidji will show more or less contrast and lively colors, but they will truly shine under the light and show how vibrant they are! This wrap is well named, it reminds me of all the variant tints we could see at the beach on a paradisiac island.

mere fidjiThis combination of colors brings a new dynamic to this design, here it is sober and subtle. The pattern remains well highlighted especially on the blue side.
Hubertine told me that it could take some time to break in. So I was really surprised to see how easy it was to tighten from the start! Mer(e) Fidji is a fluid wrap, perfectly answering strand by strand. It is soft and airy, but dense and supportive at the same time. After some breaking in, it will be smooth to the touch with more elasticity.

Wearing my 2-years-old (12 kg) in a simple layer as well as a double layer is very comfortable. In a back carry, the second hammock is easier to put in place after a bit of breaking in. I enjoy the flexibility of this wrap for how easy it is to tighten. The tightening job might not be as precised as a Winona for instance, but its flexibility allows a “zone by zone” support. In the end, this wrap shows a real support as for front or back carries, with a small baby as well as a toddler!

It feels thinner in hand than Mer(e) Cocos, all cotton makes it versatile and evolutionary so I think it will suit smaller babies from the start. This tester was used for the shooting too and I was pleasantly surprised to see how the fabric perfectly moulds the baby’s back!
Mer(e) Fidji is a comfortable all-round and easy care wrap, a must-have to carry everywhere on summer holidays!

mere fidji

• Mer(e) Fidji is tested by Marion and Aaron •

«Once worn in the light, the colors reveal their intensity true to Hubertine’s quality. The blue is bright like a blue sky with a hint of turquoise. »

Marion is a mother of 3 and also a babywearing consultant and a psychomotor specialist.



Mer(e) Cocos

mer(e) cocos

• Mer(e) Cocos tested by Marion and her children, Noélie, Romane and Aaron •

« The wrap is textured and the weaving is remarkable and dense. The design pops out and is very pleasant on bare skin. »

Marion, mother of 3 and babywearing consultant, is sharing her impressions on Mer(e) Cocos.


07/22/2016 • Mer(e) Cocos tested by Marion • 42% Organic combed cotton / 41% Supima / 17% Linen • Size 6 • 

It is with great emotion and pleasure that I had the honor to discover the new tester prototype sent by Atelier Hubertine. When opening the package the coral color made me instantly joyful! As usual the creator of Hubertine worked out to perfection the color intensity: pure, bright and with nice changing effects depending on the lighting. This coral is sometimes drawing near to a soft pink, sometimes verging on red. The “wrong side” stretches from pearly white to ivory.

I spent a lot of time observing this new pattern with great interest. It was a complete discovery for me since until now I was rather used to Hubertine’s geometric and uncluttered patterns. This one fills in much of the space on the fabric. I feel it so “full”: full of stories, full of movements… Atelier Hubertine is telling us a new visual story through this new pattern. While reading Lotta’s review on Mer(e) Andaman, I realized that she was right: this pattern is also a geometric one! The wrap is textured and the weaving is remarkable and dense. The design pops out and is very pleasant on bare skin.

mer(e) cocosAt first I had to get used to the visual of the wrap laying flat. To be honest, I had to familiarize with that new pattern. I feared it would be too overly detailed. But when I started wearing it and tying the wrap, the pattern came to life and brought a wh
ole new dynamic. I find it very lively and love how it turns out in action!

As to the babywearing sensations… It is a total crush!! Atelier Hubertine is surprising us again with a new weave and a new density. This new patterns certainly has personality. The wrap is cushy on shoulders and it glides easily on the wrappee (I almost don’t even feel the linen in that blend). This wrap is not as thin as the other Hubertine but the hand to hand feel is typical of the label: very pleasant and fluid. The grip is quite interesting, I find it less slippery than some Josephine B. for instance. The typical Hubertine stretch and recoil is still here, although there may be slightly less stretch than on other wraps, I can still feel it when wrapping: the tails are easy to handle and the little stretch is present when tightening.

The strands by strands tightening works well, but due to the density of the wrap I find the result may lack of precision compared to a thiner wrap. Yet the fact that it is so fluid allows easy adjustments. The tightening matches well the needs for a toddler installation.

In simple layer front carry with a lightweight babywearing doll the wrap is very pleasant and offers good support. Since I find it rather dense, the cross carry lacks in my opinion of precision in the tension lines. Personally, for smaller babies, I find it easier when it wraps around closer to the kid’s body. But this is only my feeling and it could be different for another wrapper.

In simple layer back carry, it is very supportive and cushy on shoulders. With chest finishes, my feeling is that the tails are taking a lot of space on me. I find it easier to tie it in a front double knot.

I have tested Mer(e) Cocos with a tall 4 year-old (16kg), a 3.5 year-old (12kg), a 14-months-old toddler (9kg) and a weighted babywearing doll of 3.3kg. Result: it is perfectly versatile. I would have a preference for wearing it with a toddler or young pre-schooler. It offers an incredible comfort and a rock solid support for all ages.


Matilda Dora M.

06/19/2016 • Matilda Dora M. • 42% Tencel / 41% Supima / 17% Linen • Size 6 • review by Lotta •

This Matilda is so shining new she doesn’t even have a name yet, but I will do my best to describe her so you can keep your eye out for her anyway. She’s from Hubertine, of course, and what makes her different from the rest is that she’s the first Hubertine with Tencel. That’s right! Tencel is a plant-based cellulose fiber made from fast-growing wood, for example eucalyptus, grown in sustainable forests. It’s a cool and soft fiber and can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton, making it perfect for wrapping during the warmer months. This Matilda has a 100% Tencel weft and the warp is a glorious combination of Supima cotton and linen. It’s a light sand hue and reminds me a lot of the colour of Winona Crème, but the white side on this one is a really bright, crisp white. Tencel is also a very smooth and shiny fiber so the sand side has a very nice sheen, while the white is slightly more matte.

matilda dora mWrapping wise, it comes as no surprise that this Hubertine follows her sister wraps in terms of appearing very thin while weighing in at over 300 gsm. The Matilda design offers a pretty flat weave, and together with the Tencel and super soft Supima cotton it offers substantial support in spite of how it feels in hand. The weave and smooth surface makes it very easy to wrap with and the knot is small and firm. No bulk! As you can see in these pics, I even managed a really fancy finish of Charlie’s cross carry without any effort, and twisting the tails around the waist pass can be a bit of a struggle in wraps that are thicker or have lots of grip. That being said, I do think Matilda has a nice amount of grip, it’s not slippery in any way but stays firmly in place and doesn’t glide.

This Matilda in a multilayer carry is great for support without bulk. Did I say that? No bulk. At all. I love that. Mine still needs a bit of breaking in and the linen has a bit of that edginess new linen wraps can have so it’s not the most moldable wrap I’ve tried right now, but I’m confident that will change and it will turn buttery soft with some loving use. It’s on the inelastic side of the spectrum too, so for those of you who find that more stretchy wraps tend to sag after you’ve been wearing for a little while, this is a great choice. It’s easy enough to get the passes in place and to tie off, but stays where you want it to even for longer walks.

I also used this Matilda in a simple ruck (because who doesn’t love long swishy tails, as long as you don’t have to, well, move…) and correctly tied, it was great. It might not be the ideal choice for those of you looking for marshmallowy cush and very forgiving wrap jobs. Strand by strand tightening is easy peasy though, and I can totally see this one being a great summer shorty – light enough to just throw down in the beach bag, easy care, a neutral colour that works with everything. A true workhorse, with class.

matilda dora m

• Matilda Dora M. tested by Lotta and Edith •

« This Matilda in a multilayer carry is great for support without bulk. Did I say that? No bulk. At all. I love that. »

Lotta acquired a great babywearing experience thanks to her two kids that she carried from their birth on.



Mer(e) Andaman

mere andaman

• Mer(e) Andaman tested by Lotta and her two children, Edith and Albert •

« The design, the wrapping qualities, the shine, the easycare, it’s all just plain perfect »

Lotta acquired a great babywearing experience thanks to her two kids that she carried from their birth on.


06/22/2016 • Mer(e) Andaman • 42% Tencel / 41% Supima / 17% Linen• Size 4 • review by Lotta •

What’s there not to love about this wrap, in the sunshine, on the beach, in the summer? The design, the wrapping qualities, the shine, the easycare, it’s all just plain perfect. Mer(e) is the newest pattern from Hubertine and from the first little weaving test scrap I saw, in a lush coral colour, I knew this was going to be awesome. The pattern is a playful and stilistic take on nautical wildlife, a coral reef turned into fabric with a geometric touch that tips the playfulness over on to the artistic side. The clusters of corals and anemones are made up of hexagons tied together in threes, creating a vivid but still graphic design without a cluttered feeling.

mere andamanAnd the colour? The colour, people! I have had it for a bit now but still can’t decide if it’s a bright, light blue or a cold turquoise or maybe even a clear aqua. It really is a saturated and very clear, bright hue that’s very appealing. All the nice things about the coloured side are also amplified by the really crisp white weft which is a combination of Supima cotton and linen. The weft is 100% Tencel, a sustainable fibre made of fast growing Eucalyptus. It’s very shiny and smooth, and machine washable which I love for summer wraps, and softened up pretty intensely after a wash. It still needs just a bit of breaking in though, probably because of the linen, even though it’s already moldable, soft and surprisingly cushy. Tencel and linen often spell flatness and not much cush in my experience, but as you can see this one folds up super nicely on my shoulders.

The weave of this Mer(e) is, as all Hubertines I have tried, very intricate, dense and full of detail. There are many fine threads that create a heavyweight, around 320 gsm, but medium thin wrap with outstanding support and, in the case of this, and also the Joséphine B., pattern a nice amount of cush. Mer(e) also has a nice, light sponginess to it and the weave structure is three dimensional, embossed almost. This long size 4 has been really great for us, as it works equally great in a quick ruck as in a double hammock tied at the tails. The passes glide easily into place, and you don’t have to be super thorough to get a nice and supportive ruck. The stretch and recoil is there, making those snug and handsome chestpasses easy to achieve. I’ve also mowed our lawn with a very enthusiastic almost 4 yo on my back and was very surprised at how comfortable it was even after half an hour of struggling to get that damn machine to behave… So, I think this very first Mer(e), of many to come, surely, is a great allround wrap well suited for kids of all ages and sizes. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a squish until it’s fully broken in but after that I think it will work wonders for a long period of time; to learn new carries with, to bring on vacations and field trips, to snuggle in under on the sofa at night…


Syrinx Eden

06/17/2016 • Syrinx Eden – Review by Priscilla • 42% organic combed cotton / 41% Supima / 17% linen

Right out of the tote bag, it was love at first sight, something I rarely experience with a pink wrap. It’s a Hubertine pink: a delightful pink, a healthy-glowing pink, a pastel pink that changes according to the light and shines with the sunbeams, varying from candy to blush pink. Mixed with an off-white shade, this color turns out to be really bright. It shows the aesthetic aspects of linen, discreetly speckled and slightly creased once worn, giving it character.

I was lucky enough to try all of the Hubertine designs in various blends and I can, once again, confirm that Syrinx’s weaving is definitely supportive. At the same time poetic and geometrical, this textured design responds perfectly to strand by strand tightening with less stretch than Joséphine B. or Matilda, making it suitable for small babies, but truly shining with toddlers.

Syrinx Eden is a medium-thick wrap yet dense, it is not slippery and has a well-balanced grip. The linen mixed with Supima makes it a very handy wrap right from the start. I actually carried both Eli (12 months and 9kg) and Madi (34 months and 14kg) and did not encounter a single difficulty. Hammocks are easily and quickly put in place. Eden perfectly responds to strand by strand tightening.

I have been wearing it every day, 3 times a day for 10 days now and I can assure you that it will be broken in well and fast, with absolutely no “cardboard” effect with the linen.

Hubertine’s sizes are generous: this size 6 is 5 meters long and 64 centimeters wide.As for the babywearing sensations, the magic happens again. It is very supportive with my youngest, it did not move a bit even after a 2 hours walk and I did not need to straighten the knot, even with a single-layer carry. Same thing with my eldest: it did neither move nor sag and the second hammock never lost any tension. The support is continuous if a proper installation has been made. This wrap has some grip but is also impressively precise to tighten.

To sum it all up I would say that Syrinx Eden is all we expect from a linen blend wrap: perfect for summer, supportive, breathable, easy-care and accessible to both beginners and advanced babywearers, who will appreciate its genuine qualities.

syrinx eden

• Syrinx Eden has been tested by Priscilla and her sons Eli and Madi •

«Right out of the tote bag, it was love at first sight, something I rarely experience with a pink wrap»

Priscilla is a busy mother of four kids and has acquired a great babywearing experience.



MATILDA Rosalind

hubertine matilda rosalind review

• Matilda Rosalind tested and approved by Frédérique and her daughter Cléo •

«  It gives a beautifully soft combination that surprisingly goes with a lot of my outfits »

Frédérique discovered babywearing six years ago. She is fond of the finest fabrics and collecting babywearing wraps.

11/19/2015 • Matilda Rosalind review by Frédérique • Size 6 • 100% egyptian coton  • 350 gsm

I have been lucky enough to try several Hubertine wraps. I have loved their aesthetics from the start, and am fond of the founder of the brand and of her passion for babywearing, style and quality! What I appreciate, too, is that babywearing with Hubertine helps me learn about feminism and women of historical importance I did not know about…
So when Hubertine asked me if I would agree to host and review this new wrap, in a new design and new-to-me blend (all cotton), I played it cool but felt so lucky and proud ! My wrappee being almost three, I know testing wraps will soon be a (wonderful) souvenir… So, I feel glad I was given the opportunity to wear this Matilda in a gold and lavender cotton version entitled Rosalind.
First, a few words about the colours: I find the « noisette » (or is it cappuccino?) warp quite incredible. I know it is the same as in Winona Chocolat and Joséphine B. Naïade, but I have not seen these in real life. It is hard to describe, being in disguise all the time. From golden to nude, from a pale, antique pink to a beige, it is a beautiful, shimmery neutral colour that is in fact anything but neutral. Coupled here with a subtle lavender mixed thread, it gives a beautifully soft combination that surprisingly goes with a lot of my outfits. Because even when I am not going anywhere, I do like to coordinate my wraps with my clothes. I actually often pick my clothes to match the wrap I intend to wear (doesn’t everyone?).
Regarding the design: I had found in Winona in particular the quintessential Art Deco design – the one I was « waiting for », after more than two years of babywearing and wrap collecting…
The second design Joséphine B. has been a success as well, showing the same type of small-scaled, intricate, abstract pattern, albeit very different.
When I saw the preview for the brand’s newest design, Matilda, I was not disappointed! I was dying to know more about what I imagined to be brushstrokes, and in reality, it does make me think of soft brushstrokes, but I also like that they form a larger pattern. I find it visually stronger than the previous ones, while remaining sober and classy, which is for me Hubertine’s aesthetic identity…
By the way, speaking about identity: I love the detail of the HBT logo actually woven within the wrap, on a tail. I am sure this is a pain as far as design, weaving and finishing are concerned, but it certainly is an elegant plus!review_Matilda_Rosalind
I don’t babywear everyday now that I have a preschooler… However, over a fortnight, Matilda hosted two wrap naps (about an hour long each), one in a DH and the other in a FCC. She also carried my daughter for shorter periods of time (from 5 to 45 minutes) about every other day, in a small variety of carries : FCC, FWCC, Reinforced Ruck tied Tibetan, and DH (it was a size 6). They are far from glamourous but life pictures are nice too.
Regarding the wrapping qualities: well, I must say that I was not surprised. No big scoop here: Hubertine cotton is just as supportive and dense as I was expecting from the brand. I have mostly worn Winonas : Prune with merino, Sanguine with silk, and Creme with linen. Medium or heavyweight, they are so densely woven they could carry a small elephant. They always have a high gsm, without being particularly thick. This one is no exception: for a gsm of about 350g/m2, it is only of medium thickness…
The Matilda design is far from being as textured as Winona, and being much smoother, it makes for a softer wrap. However, it has way enough grip and strength, and carrying my 14 kg daughter was easy and comfortable. The tester was not broken in yet, but not difficult to wrap with, and once in place, it stayed put, even with a single knot.
For a dense, cotton wrap that had only been washed and ironed before I got it, it was surprisingly soft and moldable, and one could already see its cush potential after the initial « dryness » would go away with more wearing. And I am actually glad that this « simple », easycare blend is so lovely to wear, as some might be discouraged by the cost of some of Hubertine’s blends. The search for high quality fibers, and the concern for environment-friendly and ethical sources, as well as local and tested/certified production, make for rather costly wraps which not everyone can/is willing to afford. Therefore, all cotton Hubertine is excellent news for all babywearers!
In brief, I would recommand this wrap to all babywearers and for any wrapee. It truly behaves wonderfuly with a toddler, but will be cosy enough for a baby with a short breaking in period. Hubertine is one of the few brands that I keep a soft spot for while I am approaching the end of our babywearing days, and once again it does not disappoint.
I wish her a long and happy life!


Winona Crème

06/29/2015 • Winona Crème – Review by Lotta •

Seeing that the draw is up, I figured this was a great time to give you the in-depth review for the newest Winona sister!
This is the third blend we see in Winona, the first two being merino and silk, and it has a lot in common with its more colourful sisters. Just as the other two, Crème is a densely woven wrap with a good weight in hand but not any bulk when wrapped. It’s weighing in at an impressive 350 gsm post wash (but not fully broken in, we’re still working on that!), but thanks to the tight weave it doesn’t feel heavy on your shoulders.

Straight from the bag, albeit already washed and ironed once, Crème is heavy and has a remarkable shine. The undyed linen is perfectly paired with ecru cotton to create a very sophisticated hue that’s still saturated enough not to attract stains. I know because I mostly wrap on forest paths, grovel roads and wet grass…
The pattern adds texture and just a hint of nice grip so the passes still slide easy and stays in place. After some wear, another wash and some rounds with the steam iron, it fluffed up a bit and started to reveal itself as a wrap that, in time, will be very soft and forgiving. From the get go, you do have to take some care when doing the shoulder parts of the carry (unless you go for the hotter-than-hot torso DH that everyone’s crazy about right now) – sandwiched or pleated, Crème is soft and balanced on your shoulders, but sloppily bunched up it can create some tension.

review_Winona_CremeWhen I finally convinced my soon 3 yo to go up, I felt I really ”got” the wrap in another way than I did when using it with the littlest. With a heavier child it shows it’s true colours, being full of that awesome stretch that makes a chest pass super tight and comfortable. Since my Crème is a size 4 i also did a simple ruck, which I often find is somewhat of a base line for me when wrapping my oldest – I don’t always have time (or rather, HE doesn’t always have time) to do a good multi-layer carry so for a wrap to truly work here, it must be decent in a ruck. Crème definitely is, both tied in front and Tibetan. It’s easy to adjust thanks to the shimmer and smoothness but stays where you tell it with absolutely no sagging.

Crème both require and can take a good beating and ours isn’t fully broken in yet. It’s a nice enough wrap as it is, really, but it’s also one of those wraps you can tell will grow and become truly awesome after being completely broken in. The easy-care blend makes that a fun challenge though, since you can wash and steam iron and use as a blanket and wash again without having to worry about any delicate fibers being damaged. The golden shine is perfect for summer, and together with some airy, natural linen clothes or just a pair of jeans, Crème is ready for all sorts of summer adventures.

hubertine Winona Creme review

• Winona Crème has been tested by Lotta and her son Albert •

« Crème is a densely woven wrap with a good weight in hand but not any bulk when wrapped »

Lotta acquired a great babywearing experience thanks to her two kids that she carried from their birth on.



Joséphine B. à la PIscine

hubertine josephine b a la piscine

• Joséphine B. À la piscine tested by Maria et her son Adrian •

« The colour is fantastic. I shining blue that reminds me of ice cream, a blue sky with fluffy clouds or a sunny day at the beach »

Maria has previously tested Winona Sanguine and she is now sharing her impressions on Joséphine B. À la piscine.


07/14/2015 • Joséphine B. À la piscine all cotton tested by Maria • Wrappee: 27 months, 10,5kg • Wrap: size 6 • loom state when it arrived •

I was asked If would like to test and write a review about the first all cotton Hubertine wrap. I’m new to this brand who already released four wraps of the Winona design, two with silk and the other two with merino wool. I tested a Winona Sanguine before (12% silk) and fell immediately in love. There was also another Josephine B. with silk in the package so I could directly compare these two.

The Josephine B. design is – like Winona – very geometric and detailed what I love. You can look at this wrap for a long time and it seems as if it comes alive and you discover new lines and pictures everytime. The pattern gives the wrap a lot of structure and you can totally feel the wrap. It doesn’t float through your hands like the ones with sil, it is more like a solid and friendly handshake and a very nice feeling to have it in hand.The weaving isn’t too dense (and also not too lose) so that the wrap has a good diagonal stretch. This is important for such narrow wraps (around 59cm stih) to get a good wrap job and a deep seat. I love narrow wraps and can’t handle anything more than 65cm without struggling anymore so it was no problem for me.

The colour is fantastic. I shining blue that reminds me of ice cream, a blue sky with fluffy clouds or a sunny day at the beach. So all good things together. It makes you happy and is great with jeans or also elegant enough for festive occasions, even when it doesn’t have as much shimmer as the silky Josephine B.
review_JosphineB_PiscineI wrapped it five or six times in different carries and it became softer with every try. I think there is still some potential to get softer. I would say it is a medium thick wrap that is absolutely toddler worthy. It seems more supportive than the silky sister but has more structure and doesn’t glide as easy. It is the perfect wrap for a simple ruck. At the beginning you have to effort some work to tighten the wrap. But while breaking it in you feel how it became smoother and easier to wrap with. It doesn’t sag or move when it’s ready and I could carry our 2yo son more than an hour in a single layer carry. For more layer carriers, like a double hammock, it is a little bit difficult to get the second layer over the first one. The structure of Josephine B. gives the wrap a lot of grip. But if you tighten it well you will see how extremely supportive and comfortable it is, even on longer walks.

Through the small and detailed design it seems to be thicker than the Winona design and I wouldn’t use it for a super tiny squish. But if the baby is a little bit bigger this wrap is a great allrounder and very easy to take care of. You can machine wash it and so you don’t have to worry if it becomes dirty. It’s airy enough for warmer weather (I tried it at 25°C and didn’t sweat at all) and I think it’s for newbies and for experienced wrappers as well.

My conclusion: You can’t do anything wrong with buying this wrap unless you can’t handle narrow wraps.


Joséphine B. dans la Lune

06/15/2015 • Joséphine B. Dans la lune review by Lotta •

Oh the suspense! The Hubertine crew had refused to give me any information whatsoever about their new design and wanted it to be a surprise when I finally got it in hand. And who doesn’t love a good surprise – especially when it’s as stunning as Josephine B.? The first glimpse I got through the Hubertine tote said Silver! Softness! Shine! or something along those lines.
Josephine B. is like a slick and cool baby sister to the Winonas, the silk and merino blends that made up Hubertine’s first release. A bit lighter in hand and a bit thinner, Josephine B. has all the same great all-round wrapping qualities and that air of the finest Parisian streets that the Winonas do, but she comes with a more pronounced shine and a tad lower density.
Dans la Lune is a long size 6 and have been used quite intensely by both me and my husband. She’s hemmed in opposite directions making no side more right or wrong than the other – which I love – and where I always turn the silver side out, my husband goes for the ecru. ”His” side looks a bit fluffier and shows a very soft and warm ecru tone, and ”my” side is super silky and shiny with the ecru pattern breaking through nicely. AND, the pattern! It’s so detailed I’m actually sitting down with Josie on my lap to write about it. It absolutely shines with vintage glamour! The Art Deco inspiration is clear and spot on and with it’s sleek, cool lines the pattern is interesting without ever being busy. I can spot chandeliers, mazes, stars, crosses, tiles and waves, all very stylistic, clean and delicate.
Enough with the appearance chatter however – I’m dazzled by Josephine B.’s inner light and review_JospehineB_Dans-la-lunewould probably choose her over many of my other wraps if they suddenly all turned black… I have a size 6 here, running a bit long at 486 cm, and it weighs in at a surprising 308 gsm post wash and wear. The gsm is pretty deceiving though, because of the great stretch I guess, and in my (rather seasoned by now) experience it wears more like a wrap with a gsm around 270 or maybe even lower. It is far from cumbersome or bulky, the knot is neat and tightens easily and there isn’t any folds or bumps along the chest pass that can be a bit tiresome to pull out from a bulky wrap. The width is helping too for sure – 61 cm is indeed a number that can put some people off, but I find it works very well even with a 90 cm long kid. A ruck is one of the carries that puts the width of a wrap to the test in my experience, since there is only one layer and it needs to go from under the child’s bum to her/his neck , and it worked splendid for us. Of course you can’t pull the fabric all the way up to the child’s bellybutton but with some care to balance the center line (lengthwise) of the wrap you needn’t worry. And you don’t have that bulk over your upper body when doing a chest pass carry! (Or maybe that’s just an issue for me and other 5’2” people out there..?).
Josephine B. Dans la Lune (she totally had me the first time I heard her name, it’s plain poetry, people!) requires just a wash and some cuddles to be broken in. So warm up to this gem, get your Charleston groove on and have a Gin rickey or five!

hubertine josephine b dans la lune

• Joséphine B. Dans la lune tested by Lotta, her husband and their daughter Edith •

« It absolutely shines with vintage glamour! The Art Deco inspiration is clear… »

Lotta acquired a great babywearing experience thanks to her two kids that she carried from their birth on.




hubertine winona sarcelle

• Winona Sarcelle tested by Laurie and her daughter Capucine •

« One word: soft. But under your fingers, you can feel the little structure changing. It’s easy to handle. »

As a mother of 3, Laurie has a long babywearing experience that she also shares as a consultant.


03/04/2015 • Winona Sarcelle tested by Laurie • 88% Egyptian cotton Oeko-Tex certified • 12% Mulberry silk Oeko-Tex certified • 5M

I had the chance to try this new wrap. I have Winona bleue, in a size 4, which I like a lot.

What you see? The colour is difficult to describe. Some people can see it green, others turquoise, on a cream warp.

The design is the same than Prune and Blue, but here we have more shimmery, due to the silk. I’m sure the colour will become more intense when the wrap will be perfectly broken in, with all the fibers in terminal place.

And did you notice than the logo is woven directly in the fibers, at the tails? It’s so delicate! The dark side has a little more blankety look and for me the lighter side is art deco style, it’s my favourite. Each part of the pattern seems woven separately and specifically. But all together, it’s a work of art.
What you touch? One word: soft. But under your fingers, you can feel the little structure changing. The wrap is thin in hand. And not heavy when you take all the fabric in your arms. It’s easy to handle. The stretch is perfect in the diagonal, and the design is helping a lot for that. One of the specific thing is: Hubertine has a great stay in place effect, the stretch has some memory when you place the wrap on your baby hubertine winona sarcellebody.
What you feel when you wrap with it? The wrap is thin and light in hand, I said that before. It’s extremely modulable. Let’s begin the carry: the middle marker is easy to find, just with the fingers because there is no wrong side. The wrap grips on your baby’s clothes, but if you need to move the fabric a little, no problem. The seat is easy to create too, and I didn’t notice that the width is 62 cm before measure it now when I write. Chestpass was easy, because the wrap is thin, so no need to tight a lot.
The second hamac was more a problem for me but it’s normal … too much force and…a second hamac on my LO’s head… This is the proof that we all need a little adaptation moment with new wraps. Nobody is perfect!
After rectification, all was ok. The tight job of the straps must be made very carefully if you wear a toddler or a heavy baby, due to silk. This fabric is very supportive, but you need to be precise and tight cm by cm. After that done, you can run and jump, all will stay in place forever.
For sure, this wrap is made with quality fibers. The optic is luxury, you see it, with the packaging and the wrap itself.
Opening a package from Hubertine is an out of time moment. Make it with a cup of tea, alone and just enjoy.
Please, excuse me for my English, I’m a French speaker.

And, last but not least, thanks Hubertine, to let me play with this tester.
It was a pleasure!



02/27/2015 • Winona Bleue tested by Lotta •

The first peek I got of Hubertine’s first design Winona was a tiny bit of the intriguing geometrical pattern looking out from under a coat. It was a deep plum colour, and as soon as I saw its dark navy equivalent I was hooked. I love-LOVE navy, and the design caught my attention from the get go with it’s outlined, repeating squares. When the wrap finally arrived at my doorstep, everything I knew about it was the blend (75% cotton, 25% merino wool, both oeko tex-branded) and design – the rest was a surprise.

From the pictures I had seen I was expecting a rather easy-going, mid-weight wrap, and the wool content (which I also love…) got my hopes up for bounce and stretch. So I was a bit surprised when I opened the box and lifted the wrap up – it’s really heavy in hand! Especially since it’s a size 6. It was actually so heavy my heart sank for a moment, thinking I could never put it to good use with my 2 month old tiny baby. And my toddler had had no interest at all in going up in any wrap for quite some time either. But when I stopped thinking and started wrapping (the baby!), I was surprised once again; it’s a dense weave, no doubt about that, and review_Winona_Bleue-Lottait feels rather flat and inelastic to the touch, but once unfolded it comes to life in a great way. It definitely FEELS mid-weight, and it is easy-going both when making the carry and when tying off. It’s not very bouncy but it is very much stretchy-under-cover, because no matter how tight it felt in hand, it has that great ”end-stretch” that you don’t really notice until you’re pulling on a rail when making the carry.

After having wrapped baby E quite a few times (this quickly became our go-to) I guessed it had a gsm around 280-290. Significant but not beastly in any way, a good, medium weight wrap on the denser side. It doesn’t take up much space when folded. So I got my scales and taper out and was very surprised at the result – over 330 gsm post wash! It doesn’t feel like other wraps of comparable weight I’ve tried, due to the dense and flat weave. And you know what dense and flat weave usually adds up to in my book? A bulky wrap that digs in every little bit you don’t tighten properly… But not this one. It’s forgiving, and the flatness actually makes it very easy to adjust, especially when doing trickier things like making a seat for a person who is so small she has pretty much no bum at all. The structure of the pattern lends to a good grip but since the wrap doesn’t feel the least bit dry in hand, the passes still glide fairly easily. It’s that nice sort of grip that holds everything in place once tied off, but doesn’t come in the way when making the carry or tightening the rails.

After some good old fashioned bribery with a bowl of crisps, I actually managed to get my toddler up as well, and even though I really appreciate the wrapping qualities of Winona for a squish, it SHINES with a toddler. I’ve been going from liking very thin wraps to preferring super heavy ones, and have now ended up settling at a medium-to-heavy preference. It’s nice not to have a knot that’s as big as a cabbage head if you know what I mean! This is right up my alley, in other words.

Okay, so a little summary for those of you who didn’t read the novel. My impression of Hubertine Winona Bleue boils down to this:
A good choice if you’re wanting a work horse with French gaud.
Works very well for smaller children but really blooms when used with a bigger kid and you can tighten properly, making the most of a stretch that holds the rails in place.
Might not be the wrap you pull out to practice new, advanced carries with due to some grip and the weight (at least I’m finding practice much easier with a thin, smooth wrap).
Perfect for longer walks when you need support and don’t want to retie. I NEVER retied this baby, and that’s unusual!
To the touch, Winona is more velvety smooth than kitten belly or blankety soft, and the quality of the yarns shines through.
Works well for those not so perfect, quick carries as it is rather forgiving, but really is a JOY to work with properly, tightening strand by strand and fixing the rails in place

hubertine winona bleue review

• WINONA Bleue tested by Lotta with her daughter Edith •

« It is easy-going both when making the carry and when tying off »

Lotta acquired a great babywearing experience thanks to her two kids that she carried from their birth on.



hubertine winona bleue review

• Winona Bleue tested by Trish •

« The stretch and suction once wrapped around me and my baby, were dreamy »

 02/16/2015 • Winona Bleue tested par Trish •

Atelier Hubertine, an up and coming Parisian company started by two baby wearing friends, has it’s feet firmly planted in the land of haute couture. We’ve been intrigued about this recent French entry into the market place and were delighted to have a tester land here in Sweden.The first offerings from Hubertine are Winona Prune and Winona Bleue—Prune was released today (!!) and I hear Bleue will make an appearance in a couple weeks.
The geometric design is sophisticated, pure, and classy, welcoming you in. When Winona Bleue flew through here recently I was surprised, based on touch alone, that Bleue is woven with 75% cotton and 25% extra fine soft supple merino wool. It’s comforting to know all fibers used, as well as the labels, are oeko-tex certified. It didn’t exactly feel like other merino wraps I’ve tried. There is basically no wooly feel. The wrap at first touch is smooth and solid, but not the solid-like-a-brick-this-is-gonna-make-me-sweat-like-mad-just-crossing-my-passes kinda solid you might be thinking. No. Not at all. It’s dense and heavy (roughly 320 g/m2), yet feels lighter with soft fluidity and a relaxed uncomplicated vibe. And the colour! This navy is GOOD. Super pleased to see it was a match on my seasonal colour palette. Big score there! How cool to have the logo woven into the tail. FUN! After our initial hellos, I was anxious to experience more.

We hosted after the first wash and I was fascinated to discover how this geometric charmer would perform and how it would morph in a few days as we would get to know each other intimately. We were grateful for some time to play and were able to try a variety of carries over a couple weeks—walks along the lake in a FWCC, dinner time prep in a DH with a salt water finish, a reinforced robins hip carry while running errands. I was so surprised! He cozied right up to us. The stretch and suction once wrapped around me and my baby, were dreamy. No tightening needed. No sag. No adjusting. No fiddling. It stayed put. It felt like home. Could this wrap have longevity in your stash? From squish to walking toddler? I certainly think so!

We primarily used Bleue with my 15 month old green eyed blondie, but my 5 year old little lady adores going uppy too and combine that with the introduction of her tiny sister last year, she doesn’t get as many wrap snuggles these days, so was longing to give it a go as well.While Winona is effortless with babes she truly shines if your wrappee is sprouting beyond the squishy stage.

Bleue will be a cherished and valued contributor among my stash; one that will be reached for year round in this mild Swedish climate—a playful day at the beach, a workhorse on a long mountain hike, or just a cozy winter wrap nap at home. Secure, graceful, loyal, and full of affection—which ever colour you choose, you will treasure Winona as we do.


WINONA prune

02/08/2015 • Winona Prune tested par Judith and her daughter Julia • Blend: 75% cotton – 25% merino • Size: 6 • Width: 65cm pre-wash / 62cm post-wash • Density: about 320gsm •

First impressions
That design! Finally a wrap that doesn’t look like my grandma’s wallpaper or a Peruvian tablecloth without falling into the animal print! Just kidding, I’ve had my share of “wallpaper wraps” too  The freehand drawing brings a sort of sketchy look to it: the lines are not perfectly straight and the coloured strips are not fully filled in. I thought the freehand drawing was very interesting, especially for a geometric pattern. There are normally 2 types of patterns on each side of the wrap (my prototype only had one pattern of the white side but this won’t be the case on the future Winona). The wrap is hemmed so that there is no right or wrong side and cherry on top: that little Hubertine smiling logo woven on the tip of the tail! First time I see that on a wrap (correct me if I’m wrong). Unthinkable to buy a size 7 and cut it! That fancy touch also forces the weaver to make one wrap at the time. Impossible to weave kilometers of fabric to cut and hem. The wraps are therefore woven one by one. Hubertine is pure handcrafted art. You can feel these wraps come straight from the French weaving cradle. The wrap is slightly textured, dense without being too bulky and perfectly mixing sturdiness of cotton with the soft touch of merino.

Crash test
review_Winona_PruneMy prototype was a size 6 measuring 62cm wide post-wash with a very very good diagonal stretch. I had rarely seen such a stretch on a machine woven.
Tried out first with my tiny 9 month old, 7.5kg. We first did a Popparoo (like in Lotta’s video). It was my first time Poppin’ and it didn’t tied itself alone. But once in place it didn’t moved an inch and my little one fell asleep in a minute. Then we did a lot of front wrap cross carry and shepherd’s back carry. I really love double or triple layers and I had 4.7 meters of fabric, but I am totally sure Winona would be a great shorty for single layer quick rucks.

Then tested with my 2.5 years old, 13kg. I don’t carry him has much as I’d like to, but when I have the chance I always do reinforced rucks with candy cane finish. After a couple of hours walking up the Belleville hills, the result was clear and final: what an amazing support!! No need to retighten, not even once. No sagging at all despite my big one’s weight! It was a very pleasant walk and we both enjoyed that big long snuggle  Winona is certainly narrower than the usual wraps I use for my big one (92cm) but he stayed the whole time with is arms tucked in. It will need a bit of breaking in straight out the bag, but it is totally worth it. It had only been washed and worn a handful of time before I received it, 2 weeks later it became really soft and could still go softer. Very promising!!

Hip hip hurray for this high end quality wrap, produced by experimented weavers working with the most renowned French fashion brands. Welcome to Hubertine, the wrap with a soft French touch.

hubertine winona prune review

• Winona Prune tested par Judith and her daughter Julia •

« The wrap is slightly textured, dense without being too bulky and perfectly mixing sturdiness of cotton with the soft touch of merino. »

Judith, smart and stylish Parisian tester, mother of 2 and babywearing enthusiast.