What is Hubertine?

 • It’s a response to a need, it’s a tool, that fits our lifestyle.

• It’s about giving our children what they need while we continue to remain active, combining an ancestral and intercultural gesture with modern, everyday life.

• It’s a vision of parenting that sees babywearing from the very first moments of life.

• To this, add a few more ingredients: love for fabrics, beautiful things, art, craftsmanship, and the people who bring good craftsmanship into being, humor and the ties that bind.
Hubertine: ties that bind.

• Hubertine is a commitment to quality and local expertise through traditional weaving methods. It is also a responsible approach towards sustainable development through a choice of non-toxic resources.

• In collaboration with French weavers who work for couture houses, Hubertine maintains the highest standards, and demands the best and most beautiful products.

“Hubertine: ties that bind.”