Babywearing safety

Read and follow all safety instructions before using your wrap.


WARNING: make sure your baby’s head is well supported.
WARNING: your baby’s head should not be resting on her chest. Her mouth and nose should always be kept clear.
WARNING: your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of your child.
WARNING: take care when bending or leaning forward.
WARNING: this carrier is not suitable for use during sporting activities.
WARNING: keep away from fire.

  • Hubertine baby wraps are suitable for children from 3.5kg to 15kg.


  • Before each use, make sure your wrap has not been damaged in any way. In case of doubt, do not put it on, but contact Hubertine.


  • Make sure your child is properly carried in an upright position.


  • Make sure your baby’s face is visible at all times. You should always be able to kiss the top of her head.


  • Carry your baby facing your body in a curl-like position, with her knees at the same height or higher than her hips.


  • Create a deep seat by tucking enough fabric under your baby’s rear and spreading it from knee-pit to knee-pit.


  • If your baby is under four months old you must make sure that her head is well supported. You need to pull up sufficient fabric behind the top of her neck to avoid her head from tipping over backwards or to the side.  It is also essential never to overspread your baby’s legs and to respect her natural position.


  • Wrap tightly to make sure your baby is securely supported. If you feel the need to support your baby with your hands, the wrap is not properly adjusted.


  • Always tie the wrap securely with a double knot.


  • Always monitor your child while babywearing.


  • Your child may be tired, so pay close attention to her position in the wrap and take regular breaks to check proper adjustment of the carry. Also keep your baby well hydrated.


  • Be aware of your baby’s body heat. The wrap provides extra warmth, but make sure her legs and feet have something warm if necessary.


  • Be mindful of the extra room your baby takes and of any objects within her reach.


  • Never use a wrap while driving or being driven in a motor vehicle.


  • A baby wrap should not be used for purposes other than babywearing.


Hubertine cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur due to the misuse of your wrap.