Écharpe de portage, Mer(e)


Like a Mother Goddess, life arose from the Ocean.

Life proliferates without being visible to the eyes, yet it bears hidden treasures which deserve to be observed, studied and preserved.

Ernst Haeckel succeeded at revealing the hidden beauty of the seafloor through his plates of radiolarians: microorganisms with yet very complex and truly rich forms. The drawings of these microorganisms and other seashells outlined by Haeckel became a great inspiration for the artists of the Art Nouveau movement. He is even considered as a pioneer of the movement.

The oceanic fauna also represents a major challenge in the fight for seafloor preservation. This battle is carried out by Sylvia Earle, a committed and inspiring woman, who dedicated her life to the study and the preservation of the oceans, or how she like to say “the blue heart of the planet.

Our new pattern Mer(e) takes its source at the confluence of all these inspirations.

Mer(e) will roll out this summer with natural fibers such as Tencel, linen and organic cotton.

* The new pattern called Mer(E) is a play on words mixing the French words Mer (Sea) and Mère (Mother), a so to say Mother Ocean.

Accessoires, Automne/Hiver

Hubertine – The accessories

Because sometimes you wish to keep a tiny part of Hubertine with you and just for you, we have created a range of accessories matching our babywearing wraps. These unique handmade pieces are produced in a very limited number and will be available in our e-shop.

The idea of this collection sprout through our collaboration with Nadège. We thought of baby booties, old school pixie hats as well as cushy and warm infinity scarves. All these accessories were created with high quality material to bring you comfort while staying chic at all times!

Our pixies are lined with GOTS certified cotton fleece, just like our booties that also have vegetable-tanned leather soles.

Our infinity scarves are lined with Oeko-Tex certified merino and alpaca which have not been treated in order to preserve their natural properties. This wool is hand-knitted and then put together with our fabrics.

Finally all our accessories have been hand washed so that you can enjoy them as soon as you unpack!

The Hubertine accessories will bring a stylish touch to your look as well as your little one’s.

Automne/Hiver, Écharpe de portage, Joséphine, Matilda

Anniversary capsule

One year since Hubertine was born!

We decided to seize this opportunity and to end up our first year on a high note by weaving a capsule collection and adding some of the most luxurious natural fibers to our selection of noble material.

Among these new yarns, you’ll discover Supima, also known as the cashmere of cotton. Its thread is the softest of all cotton, renowned for it’s velvet touch. Supima will come blended with Mulberry silk: lush and shinny, but also Oeko-Tex certified, thus complying with the highest standards and values we foster since Hubertine was created. Last but not least, we have collaborated with a traditional and family-run mill, spinning one of the cushiest cashmere.

These yarns were weaved together to provide you with a new babywearing experience of an unrivaled softness, offering a moldable support thanks to our wrap’s characteristic natural stretch.

This divine blend will be released as Joséphine B. L’Élégante and Matilda Caroline H.

Écharpe de portage, Matilda


This is the latest creation from Hubertine’s atelier.

Once again the pattern has required several attempt in order to reproduce its outstanding aspect: a vanishing pattern, filled with details.

It’s name was inspired by the halo effect created by the contrast in materials and colors which makes the evasive pattern stand out with regards to its structure. This halo effect also has a parallel meaning: the one bringing certain people in the light at the expense of others left in the shadow despite their great contribution. This brought us to a phenomenon that concerns mainly women who’s scientific breakthrough were credited to their masculine colleagues. This is called the “Matilda effect”.
We wanted to pay tribute to these women and contribute in our own way to the recognition of their achievement.