June 2016

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Écharpe de portage, Mer(e)


Like a Mother Goddess, life arose from the Ocean.

Life proliferates without being visible to the eyes, yet it bears hidden treasures which deserve to be observed, studied and preserved.

Ernst Haeckel succeeded at revealing the hidden beauty of the seafloor through his plates of radiolarians: microorganisms with yet very complex and truly rich forms. The drawings of these microorganisms and other seashells outlined by Haeckel became a great inspiration for the artists of the Art Nouveau movement. He is even considered as a pioneer of the movement.

The oceanic fauna also represents a major challenge in the fight for seafloor preservation. This battle is carried out by Sylvia Earle, a committed and inspiring woman, who dedicated her life to the study and the preservation of the oceans, or how she like to say “the blue heart of the planet.

Our new pattern Mer(e) takes its source at the confluence of all these inspirations.

Mer(e) will roll out this summer with natural fibers such as Tencel, linen and organic cotton.

* The new pattern called Mer(E) is a play on words mixing the French words Mer (Sea) and Mère (Mother), a so to say Mother Ocean.