January 2016

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Anniversary capsule

One year since Hubertine was born!

We decided to seize this opportunity and to end up our first year on a high note by weaving a capsule collection and adding some of the most luxurious natural fibers to our selection of noble material.

Among these new yarns, you’ll discover Supima, also known as the cashmere of cotton. Its thread is the softest of all cotton, renowned for it’s velvet touch. Supima will come blended with Mulberry silk: lush and shinny, but also Oeko-Tex certified, thus complying with the highest standards and values we foster since Hubertine was created. Last but not least, we have collaborated with a traditional and family-run mill, spinning one of the cushiest cashmere.

These yarns were weaved together to provide you with a new babywearing experience of an unrivaled softness, offering a moldable support thanks to our wrap’s characteristic natural stretch.

This divine blend will be released as Joséphine B. L’Élégante and Matilda Caroline H.